OK, I’ve posted. (I promised I would)

So, I used to post A LOT about fandoms, but I used to just list them and not really talk about why I liked them, so that’s what I’m going to do today 🙂


1: Doctor Who: Yes, my blog is basically a pit of Doctor Who ramblings, but I want to talk about WHY it’s like that, so, I used to watch Doctor who a lot when I was younger, and I liked it, no, I wasn’t mad about it but I did enjoy watching it. I grew up with it, and when I really started to enjoy and like watching Doctor Who was in David Tennant’s last few episodes. You can imagine my horror when I just started really enjoying DW and then David Tennant was leaving! I was pretty upset. (No, I wasn’t crying or anything but I didn’t like the look of Matt Smith that much..) I had NO idea that Matt Smith would become my fave doctor and I would still miss him to this very day (not a hater of Peter Capaldi, he is a great doctor!) but anyway, Matt Smith is probably the reason I’m as mad as I am about Doctor who.

Around season 6 I started reading DW books and comics, by the time season 7 came around I read fan fiction and loved DW A LOT!, but I think when Matt Smith left that really upset me and some how made me a bigger Doctor who fan!. Nowadays I could spend my life watching Doctor who (by the way I watch the classics all the time too, you’re not a true fan if you haven’t watched the classics!!) I read fanfic almost everyday, I love DW books, and who doesn’t love the comics??. Oh and Cosplaying DW is my life. If I could say anything to my younger self is that I have A LOT to look forward to. OK, I said I would say why I love DW,  I love the idea of travelling through time and space, and the Doctor just makes that better!, along with his companions and enemies *Cough Cough* Missy *cough cough* I just can’t stop watching! 🙂


2: Harry Potter: I’ve always liked watching  Harry Potter, I used to watch the first movie a lot when I was little, I don’t think I understood half of it but I liked it all the same.

When I was around 7 I started watching it a lot more and I read the first and second book (don’t know why I didn’t read the others) but I think I liked it because all my friends did and we would play Harry Potter all day (I was always Ginny!). We loved creating our own stories and it was so much fun!, we even made our own wands and played Quidditch!.

Harry Potter did help me make a lot of great friends that I still know today (shout out to them!). A few years passed and I still loved Harry Potter. I read all the other books, then something BIG happened, the last HP movies…Dun Dun DUNNNNN. I watched both of them in the cinema in 3D ! I loved them so so much!. I think it was a few years later or something when I went to the HP studios in London with my friend for her birthday (shout out to her!), that was one of moments I will never forget, it was just super fun and I loved it. Sadly I didn’t get to have butter bear 😦 but I got a Quidditch top, a wand and some every flavour beans.

It’s been a few years since that happened, and well a lot has happened, I’ve re-read the books SO MANY TIMES, I re-watched the movies so many times too. The new movie ( Fantastic beasts) is coming out on my birthday! and I’ve read the new book/script which let me just say is truly amazing and I love it so much, OMG !. I will hopefully see the play one day!.

I think the idea of this Wizarding world, and how JK Rowling writes about the characters and storylines are amazing. The books make you feel like you’re there and I just love it. One of the great things about it too is the fanfiction, games and quizzes which are HP related 🙂


I’m going to end it there because I want to do a few parts of this 🙂


But one thing about both of them is the happiness that comes with being in a fandom and reading what other people have to say about it 🙂


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I’m back, starting new

Hello internet!

OK, so I had given up on this blog, I cringed at my old posts and I didn’t want to carry on, That’s the truth.

SO, I looked at my old posts, read a few,  and figured it out, they aren’t as cringey as I thought (But yeah I still cringe at them) And I feel like I can’t just leave this blog..

so I’m starting fresh starting new, I’ll leave all my old posts on here but I like to think my new posts will be better..

Don’t worry I’ll still talk about fandoms and Doctor Who! but it will be written out better.

So, this is me Nerd22blog starting new, I’m not making promises I won’t post daily..


I will post.

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P.s I missed you guys ! (I post a lot on my Instagram BTW)

My top five fave hair styles!


So this is something a bit different but I thought I’d try it!


One: Messy Bun,

OK, so  I LOVE the messy bun, it doesn’t just look great it also gets most of your hair out of your face and it’s super easy, anybody can do it! I kinda wear it everyday…(DON’T JUDGE PEOPLE!) It’s great for when you’re in a rush and you just need to get out the door too, so I recommend it SOOOO much it is a total life saver and I don’t know what I would do without it.

Messy Bun .jpg


   Two: Two French Braid,

This super awesome hairstyle is great for hot days when you want your hair out of your face but you don’t want a pony tail, it also looks great with a beanie! I basically live in this super cool hair style.

Two French Braid.jpgfrench braid.jpg


 Three: the Katniss Braid,

OK, so I’m a nerdy fan so of course I love the Katniss braid!!  This amazingly cool, good for cosplaying hairstyle is great, I mostly wear it when I’m cosplaying…(DUHH) But it’s also good for a casual day too…..!

Katniss braid

katniss braid

Four: Milkmaid Braid

I hardly ever wear this great hairstyle but I had to put it on here!

Zoella Milkmaid BraidMilkmaid Braid

Five: Don’t know what’s it called,

Ok, so it’s true..I don’t know what this awesome hairstyle is called but I do know I LOVE IT!!!! and I’m actually wearing it now! (te Video)


(The One in the top left corner)



Here are some helpfull hair video that i   LOVE! (Yes..Most of them are Zoella..Ok all of them are…)



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The Past Albus Dumbledore (Part 2)


OK, So  I am  really enjoying writing in this fanfic (She says when she has only written two parts…) 2…..I REALLY HOPE YOU ENJOY!


Dumbledore pushed opened the musty dust covered door and walked inside, Tove following closely behind. Dumbledore looked around at the owls flying around the room and smiled softly to himself.

“What now?” Tove said looking closely at her friend

“Well, I believe you  pick an owl”  Dumbledore said smiling  as he looked about the dark room, Tove raised her eyebrows and walked briskly to a nearby snowy owl.

“Have you got the letter then?” Tove said stroking the owl.

(Tove was not always like you would expect, she was very good with animals..she had a warm kind side that she only showed when she was with them…)

“Yes, I do” he said as  he walked over to he owl carefully putting the letter in it’s beak, Tove then let the owl  off into the dark moonlight night.

“You do realize this could not work Albus?” Tove said with a lump in her throat, her eyes sharply looking at him.

“We have to believe it does, for the sake of Hogwarts, Tove” Dumbledore said gazing up at the flying owls…


OK, so again sorry this is soooooo short!

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Alice In Wonderland outfits


Ok, so I’m going to make five Alice in wonderland outfits…and you’re gonna comment your fave..OK!??

Let’s do this People… :0



Blue Vintage dressWhite Pinafore EtsySOCKSPintrestConverseblackWEDGESEtsyLace fingerless glovesBlack Lace Hair BowPintrestQoute.jpg


The MAD Hatter:

the mad hatters hatIrishwoolwaistcoatcarriercompayBrown leather jacket RiversladThisNextlockMad hatters tielavende feedore:DIY striped jeasBROWNBOOTSREDCURYHAIRIts allways tea tie



The Cheshire cat:

Cat tailCat earsBlack jeggings-BHSBlack and white striped topblack hoodieCat shoesBlack cat backpackLace glvesLog purle hairCat eyesQUOTE


The Queen of hearts:

Quee of hearts coatVelevet gothorror shopheart leggigsCrownred hairOFF WITh HER HEAD!!.jpeg


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The Past Albus Dumbledore (Fanfic part 1)


OK, so The idea of this fanfic came to me one day when I was writing another fanfic…( It’s set after Dumbledore becomes Headmaster…

So here it goes…!!!


“That’s not going to work” said Tove, the deputy of Hogwarts and Dumbledore’s friend..

“My dear Tove it will work” Dumbledore said calmly, he picked up his wand and walked briskly down the dusty corridor.

The Moonlight fell on the castle as he and Tove walked out into the grounds.

“How is sending him an owl to him going to work!???!!” Tove said, her cloak swishing behind her in the wind

Dumbledore laughed at his friend and looked up at the sky,

“DUMBLEDORE!!” Tove said angrily, she didn’t like not knowing ,ever since Dumbledore had met her, Tove loved to be one step ahead.

“Trust me Tove” Dumbledore said waking quickly up the steps of the Owlery

The walked in silence for a moment listening to the distant sound of bells, before Tove took a deep gulp of breath and spoke   “He’s really alive isn’t he?”

“Yes” he replied


Sorry this part is SOOOOOOOO short!  I’m kinda in a hurry!

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How to be a NINJA!


OK, so you know when your just sitting on the sofa, TOTALLY bored..!! and you just start thinking random things…well..this was happening to me. Randomly Ninjas got into my head!!!! SOOOOOOOO I thought how cool would it to be a Ninja!?


step one: The outfit

OK, so being a  Ninja you are gonna need to wear BLACK….

Here is the outfit I would wear …

EbayblackjeansLoong -sleeve lace top ZullyRiversisland JACKETBlack converseBlack  ballroom mask ETSYBlack Lace GlovesNinja swordNinja Throwig star


Step two: Acting like a Ninja…

OK, soooo…put your outfit on quickly and just run outside..hide in trees/bushes, jump out of it when your worst enemy turns up and scare the HELL out of them.Then run off as fast as you can before they realise who you are. After you have done this a few times, do it again BUT instead of running away you take out your sword and make them A: Pee themselves, B:  Run away screaming, C: laugh and tell you they know who you are.

If C happens..

It’s time to take out plan D

Step three: how to sound like somebody else..

There are two ways of doing this..!!

Way 1: Learn how to change your voice or sound like somebody else, here are some helpful links,

Way 2: Use a voice changer,


Ok, so now use your new voice to freak them out even more…

Step  four : How to fight like a Ninja,

Ok, so first of all ya gonna wanna read this must now how to be silent when you fight, make NO sound..

Ninja.jpegAnime NINJA FIGHTTT.jpeg


Now, time to freak out this enemy of yours..

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Short story Collab with metheperfectcionist/ThisDorkyOwlblog

Hey guys!

This is a short story collab with This thisdorkyowlblog/Metheperfectionist

Go check her out!

So sorry about the spelling and grammar! we were just really tired, but I wanted to get this published
I might do another draft of it if I have the time.


Julia looked up at the sky from the roof of her house, most people think this would be dangerous but not for Julia, she had been doing this for years, she rolled over and leant over the edge to watch the grass fly in the wind, she leant on her hands and crawled back to the chimney.

Steam puffed out of the chimney, dad must be back she thought, she watched  as the moon slowly rose up, and the stars came out, smiling to herself, the wind blew in her hair as she looked up at the gleaming sky, she opened the trap door and climbed down the ladder onto the landing, then she heard voices, but not her fathers voice.

She clenched her fists, she lived alone with her dad, as she always had.  She never knew her mum, not that she wanted too. She walked towards the voices, she creeped down the stairs and leant against the hallway door, then it flew open and she fell onto her knee’s. She looked up at the two men staring down at her.

“Who are you two!? why are you here? GET OUT!!” she screamed standing up feeling sweat on her face, was her dad OK? and was she going to be OK.

“Ooh, we are really scared kid” one of them said. She gave the one who spoke a pitying smile and kicked him right in the crotch, he staggered backwards, the other laughed then turned serious and took out a knife “fun times over kid”                                                              she gulped and took a step backwards, he grabbed her hand and she wailed in pain as she slashed her hand, he shoved a gag in her mouth and she kicked his shin, he slapped her round the face and shoved her into a car.

everything was black. she tried to kick, to do something, but it was useless, she knew what as happening she was being, kidnapped.

she felt someone tug on her top and lift her onto her feet and drag her into a small, dark barn, they pulled the gag out of her mouth and stared at them, they were both there now, “what the hell do you want me for mate” “oo kiddy you think your so tough do you ? well da wanna see me show ya tuff” he slapped her round the face and she kicked him on the knee and ran out of the barn into a small shed nearby, she quickly bolted it, breathing deeply she closed her eyes, she heard them shouting outside “come on kiddo…or you’ll make us angry, oh and you really won’t like us when we’re ANGRY” she looked around the shed trying to find something to fight with, something to help, but it was not use the shed was empty except from a small bucket, she picked it up and jumped out of the shed hurling it at the mens heads, they ducked and she ran for the car, she started it up and it shot forwards, then suddenly she felt a pain as it shot out of control hitting a tree.

she tried to move but she couldn’t, what was happening? the door opened “you won’t like us when we are angry” one of the men said, they pulled her out, pain shot everywhere, “oo,does that hurt” the other one said, they took her into the barn and tied her to a chair “now.. lets have some fun”

she felt a dizziness and her head lolled forwards as she fell unconscience, she woke hours later to the sound of a girls voice, there standing in front of he was a girl about 18 years old, “shhhh come on, i’ll get you out don’t worry” Julia looked up at her and nodded, the girl untied her “can you stand?” she said “i-i thing so” said julia, the girl helped her stand, julia looked down at her own arms to see scars, the girl saw them too “don’t worry, my names zizi” the girl said “ju-julia” she replied.

they walked out of the barn, “the men, joe and mik, there my brothers, well half brothers, but don’t worry, your safe now, i’ll take you home on my motorbike, i’ll get you a bandage for your arm when we get there, it looks pretty nasty, ” julia nodded at her and pulled the spare helmet on, they rode away the wind tapping at her head like a million tiny hammers pounding down on her skull, then suddenly, half way back she felt a pain, she clenched her side and zizi stopped the bike spinning around to check on julia, julia threw up, throbbing in pain, “julia? oh god” said zizi worrying, julia clenched her side again, “oh god julia you might have broken a rib, just, ok just hold on tight, i’ll take you straight to the hospital, ok so just, try and, sit tight.” zizi drove fast towards the hospital, “my-my dad, he needs to know i’m ok..” julia spluttered, “its ok julia, i’ll get you to the hospital, and then we can try and find your dad” zizi said calmly, julia took deep breaths throbbing with pain, they arrived at the hospital, julia stumbled of the bike looking up at the gray and white building, zizi helped her in and a nurse raced up to them, minutes later she was taken away to have an x-ray, she lay quietly on the scanner as it flashed over her, the nurse spoke quietly to zizi, zizi nodded worriedly. she caught a few words, “brother” and “broken” she felt sweat on her face, the nurse came over to her, “ok so you seems that you’ve broken a rib so we’re just going to bandage you up and give you a few pain killers, it should heal on it’s own so your free to go home now” the nurse said, zizi walked over to her, “i’m going to go call your dad, ok?” she said patting her on her shoulder warmly, “thanks zizi, i don’t know where i would be without you” a nurse took her away to get bandaged up while zizi stood around looking for a phone, a guy about zizi’s age walked up to her “i over heard you sorry, so your looking for a phone, you can use my mobile if you’d like?” “thanks, um, sorry i dont know your name” “george” he passed her his phone,they smiled at each other awkwardly for a moment, then zizi quickly dield the number julia had given her, zizi thought of goerge blushing at her, they arrived at Julia’s house, her dad was waiting at the door, “thank you, zizi, i’ll always remember you” they smiled and then she rode away, for she was never to be trapped, but she will always be the one to release the people who are, and to let them be forever, completely, 100%, free.

Hope you like it!

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